Our company name, as well as our commercial register number, will change according to the Austrian law and will be legally valid from the 1st Sep 2019. The old company data, namely ZIMM Maschinenelemente GmbH + Co KG (FN 15116 f), was officially deleted from the Austrian company register and is henceforward obsolete. ZIMM GmbH (FN 61869 i, Feldkirch) is the total legal successor for all legally binding obligations and liabilities instead of ZIMM Maschinenelemente GmbH + Co KG. Our new address for all legal transactions from 1st Sep 2019:

ZIMM GmbH | Millennium Park 3 | 6890 Lustenau | Austria | ATU69063247 | FN 61869 i

Please note: ALL invoices dated from 1st Sep 2019 have to be adressed NEW to ZIMM GmbH toprocess invoices and booking correctly.

Please make sure to inform the necessary departments in your company, and to update any data and documents required for a smooth transition until 31 st Aug 2019 and from 1st Sep 2019.

Details of the renaming/formation:

Following Austrian policy laws according to § 142 UGB our company lawyers and solicitors ensured all documents were signed, legal binding actions were taken and have worked according to Austrian law to complete the renaming and legal operations of ZIMM GmbH.

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