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On 11th July an anniversary celebration “50 years of CHEMLANI Technology” took place in Israel. Our sales director, Peter Gridling was invited on this occasion to participate at the celebration. With CHEMLANI Technology we have been jointly pursuing novel projects in the Middle East for more than 10 years. During this event, our sales director was also provided an opportunity and a chance to present our products. In particular, the attention was focused on our in-house developed ZIMM product configurator which enables quick and easy configuration of complete systems. Additionally, he explained in detail the advantages resulting from the utilisation of screw jack drives compared to hydraulic or pneumatic drives.

“Our sales representative CHEMLANI Technology, imports and markets in the field of “mechanics” a wide range of products and accessories for the most diverse areas of industry. Owing to the interest in the products, among others from the area of mechanical engineering in this region and due to positive information exchange, we also hope in further increase of demand for the products made by ZIMM. We are looking forward to further continuation of good cooperation after this very interesting meeting with our long-term customers from CHEMLANI Technology. In the name of ZIMM, I would like to express in the most cordial manner my gratitude for receiving this invitation.” – Peter Gridling | ZIMM Sales Director.

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